Cognizance 2017

Student Partnership Programme

Student Partnership Programme opens the gate for you to become the Campus Ambassador of Asia's Second Largest Technical Fest. The programme calls out for all the manager cum leaders out there across various college campuses across the nation, who will take it upon themselves to enthusiastically promote and discuss Cognizance within their own domain.

Responsibilities :
  • Update students of your institute about different Competitions and Activities (including online and offline pre-fest events)
  • Mail about the festival and its events through the centralized mailing system.
  • Provide regular updates on festivals, events & examination schedule in your campus.
  • Share the database of students who will be participating in different events.
  • Organize a Cognizance 17 presentation for the students of your campus.
  • Help us connect with important stakeholders within your College (e.g., the head of major student groups on your campus) and help in organizing Cognizance 17 events/workshops in your college.
  • Post an event report describing the college participation after the pre-fest events.
  • Be a self-initiator and identifying ways in which we can engage the students of your campus.
  • Collaborate and coordinate with other Cognizance 17 Campus Ambassadors near your campus.
  • Contribute to making Cognizance 17 presence felt in your campus (virtual as well as physical). Making known the above activities to electronic, print and social media.
  • Organize pre-fest promotional events at your college.

Benefits of the program :
  • Meeting of the CA’s with the famous personalities we will have on campus during Cognizance.
  • Goodies for active Campus Ambassadors related to Cognizance 17.
  • The coveted Campus Ambassador certificate (Letter of Recommendation for exceptional work) from Cognizance 17, IIT Roorkee.
  • Exposure – You get hands-on experience of institute level co-ordination, fest organization, teamwork, event management and media relations as official campus representative of the college contingent for Cognizance 17
  • We shall post weekly on Cognizance 2017,Facebook page, notifying everyone the Top-2 or 3 Campus Ambassadors working for Cognizance 17.
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